-Mine Artificial Turfs and Boxwoods in your first day.

-Use artificial blocks to make pillars and build/delete stuff in the air.

-Log in each to receive a booster and collect gold from your pets!

-Always keep a reasonnable quantity of cubes of each type for quests.

-Buy the premuim account! It gives you the four following bonus:

-You can mine everything with hands allowing you to mine without buying tools so you get more profit from mining.

-You get a 10% rebate on cubes allowing you to save money.

-You get +100 damage for every tool and your hands.

-You can sprint by clicking shift allowing to travel very fast through your world.

-Don't buy boosters because you get one daily unless you have lot of diamonds.

-Buying pets is worth it because most of them pay off after two weeks.

-Don't convert diamonds into gold because it's better to do quests and use diamonds to skip ones that are too hard for you.

-If the game don't works, you probably need to install Unity, update it or clear your cache. Changing browsers also works.

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